Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding or pain during pregnancy does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. Patients will be offered an ultrasound scan, to determine if something is wrong.

Welcome to the Department of Gynaecology.

If you experience bleeding or pain during pregnancy, you might be worried and many questions can arise about the causes and what can be done.

We hope the following will answer some of your questions. If you have any further questions please contact the ward staff.

What causes pain or bleeding during pregnancy?

Many women experience bleeding or pain during pregnancy. In most cases the rest of the pregnancy will be uncomplicated and result in the birth of a healthy child.

Bleeding or pain can however be a symptom of miscarriage or a pregnancy outside of the womb. This is why you will be offered an ultrasound scan to determine whether the pregnancy is developing normally or not.

What will happen afterwards?

If the ultrasound scan shows a normal pregnancy, you can return home again.

Still, you should take it easy for a week to see if the bleeding or pain stops. After this period, you can gently return to your normal activities. As far as doctors know, there is no other course of action that will prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is not viable, the doctor will assess whether to admit you to the hospital for an operation to empty the uterus (womb).

If the ultrasound scan cannot determine whether and how your pregnancy will develop, you will be offered follow-up consultations with blood tests and scans to follow development of your pregnancy.

What do I do when I come home?

If the bleeding or the pain increases, do not hesitate to contact the ward.