Research areas

The Department of Pathology is involved in a number of research projects; all aimed at improving diagnostics or treatment of patients in the diagnostic universe of the department.


The academic culture is strengthened by the attachment of a number of PhD students, bachelor and master students, and similarly, doctors applying for further training are involved in department research by virtue of the compulsory research training element of the main education programme.

Prof. Elisabeth Ralfkiær, DMSc, Consultant is senior manager for the department’s research.

The main research areas are:

The Bartholin Institute

The Bartholin Institute (incl. the Experimental Pathology Unit) is an experimental research unit which researches the application of immunological, biochemical and molecular biological methods as well as mechanisms in cancer. A special section managed by Prof. Karsten Buschard, DMSc, Consultant performs research in the pathogenesis of diabetes.

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