Termination of Pregnancy (before week 12) - section 5032

This information is for patients planning fortermination of pregnancy in general anesthesiaby dilatation and curettage.

At the operation day you arrive at 5032, entrance 5. 3 floor. 

Date: ____________     Day:_______________    Arrival time:_______________
This information is for patients planning for termination of pregnancy in general anesthesia by dilatation and curettage.
Please read the leaflet carefully both before and after the surgery.

Before arrival you need to prepare:
The day before surgery

Buy painkillers: Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)/ Pinex tablets 500 mg and Ibuprofene 200 mg. You do not need a prescription for this medication.
Remove nail polish and piercings.

Fasting rules before surgery

You need to be fasting for the surgery. You can eat and drink until 6 hours before arrival time, you can drink water and black coffee/tea until 2 hours before surgery (No milk, carbonated liquids, juices or smoothies)

Preparing for the surgery on the operation day

Place 2 Cytotec tablets deep in the vagina (tablets will be provided by the nurse) 3 hours before your appointment. 
When tablets are placed you can no longer regret the choice of termination.
After the tablets have been placed, stay in bed for 45 mins. Moderate vaginal bleeding may occur, this is not harmful.
We advise you to take 2 Paracetamol tablets (total 1 gram) and 1 Ibuprofen (200mg) at the same time as you place the vaginal tablets (Cytotec). If you have any other prescribed medication, you can take as usual with a small amount of water. Take a shower and put on clean clothes in the morning (no hospital clothes are provided). Your clothes will be placed in a plastic bag during surgery, so please limit the amount of clothes.
Leave watch and jewelry at home.
You can bring a relative/friend for support. Remember to make arrangements with a relative or a friend to pick you up after surgery.

At the operation day

Arrive at 5032, entrance 5. 3 floor. In case you are delayed/or not coming you must advice the department at phone number 35 45 44 86
You may experience some waiting-time, in case of other (emergency) operations. We recommend that you bring magazines, books or other entertainment for the waiting time.

In the first hours after the surgery you need to have a grown-up relative/friend around you. In the first 24-hours after surgery you cannot drive a car (because of the anaestesia)

The surgery

The nurse at the operation ward will help you get ready for the surgery. The surgery is under general anesthesia. An intravenous cannula is placed in your hand. The nurse will give you sleep-medication in the iv-cannula. 
We will measure your pulse, blood pressure and oxygenation during surgery. A specialist nurse will take care of you during surgery. The surgery  takes about 15 minutes.
After surgery you will quickly wake up and we will help you to get in a bed. We will keep you in an observation area for 0.5-1 hour. We will give you something to drink.


When you feel ok and have voided and the vaginal bleeding is light you can leave the ward.

Anticontraception and the time after surgery

In case you start with oral contraceptive (birth control pills) you must take the first tablet on the day of surgery. To prevent infection, you need to use a condom for intercourse if you are bleeding after the surgery.


Book your general practitioner (G.P) for an appointment one week after the surgery. The G.P. will check the bleeding and signs of infection.

After the surgery it is normal

  • To have slight vaginal bleeding, may last until next menstrual period.
  • The first menstrual period may be more heavy than usual
  • Slight pain may occur the first week after surgery. 

To prevent infection:

  • Do not use bathtubs or swimming pool if you are bleeding. You can take showers.
  • Do not use tampons, but sanitary towels for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Changes in the body after surgery

Pregnancy-related nausea will resolve in a few days. But tenderness of the breast may persist for a week. 

The next menstrual period is usually within 4-6 weeks after the surgery, and you are at risk of a new pregnancy before the menstrual period. 

Both relief and sadness are natural reactions after the surgery. If you need a supportive consultation (free of charge), contact your GP or ”Mødrehjælpen” (33 45 86 00).

You need to contact the department in case of 
(first week after surgery)

  • Vaginal bleeding heavier than a menstrual period
  • Bleeding with lumps of blood
  • Foul smelling discharge Severe pain
  • Temperature above 38.5 C.

Call the gynecological emergency ward at 35 45 42 99 
If you have any suspicion of complications more than one week after surgery contact your G.P.