ENGLISH Oocyte pick-up

Guidance for patients to undergoing an oocyte pick-ip

Instructions for you to take the egg releasing hormone before oocyte pick-up

­­­­­Dear ____________________________________________

The follicles in your ovaries are mature and ready for oocyte pick-up. You have to take the egg releasing hormone as written below:


The egg releasing hormone is Ovitrelle 250 microgram.

Ovitrelle is a ready to use injection pen, which you set before use.

You need to inject the medicine in the skin below your umbilicus.


________ day_____ / ______ at _____ hours


Appointment for Oocyte pick- up at The Fertility Clinic:


________ day_____ / ______ at _______hours



Your partner must deliver a semen sample the same day between 8:00 – 8:15 am.

You will find the laboratory in the middle of the ward 4071.

The semen sample must be made at home if your transportation time is no longer than 2 hours. Remember to keep the semen sample warm by holding it close to the body.


Before the oocyte pick-up

It is important that you have a meal in the morning before the procedure (but not more than one cup of coffee). You may bring something to drink and eat during waiting time.

When you arrive at the clinic we will give you 1 g of Paracetamol. We will insert a small plastic catheter in a vein in your arm.

Your bladder must be empty during the oocyte pick-up. You will be asked to go to the bathroom just before we start the oocyte pick-up.


Oocyte pick-up

Before and during the oocyte pick-up, we will give you synthetic morphine (Rapifen). It will make you relax and feel less pain. You will be given a local anesthetic in the top of your vagina.

The doctor will empty your follicles one by one, and the whole procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Before you go home, we will tell you the number of eggs that were retrieved.


After the oocyte pick-up

You will need to rest for approximately ½ -1 hour in the clinic, before you go home. We recommend that you relax for the rest of the day.

After the oocyte pick-up you can expect some vaginal bleeding which may last a few days. The bleeding can be heavy the first day, but it is supposed to decrease during the day and evening. It is also normal to have menstrual pain.

You can take 1g of Paracetamol every 6.th hour. (2 x 500 mg tablets) if needed.

You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions.

If you experience any complications outside our opening hours, please call 1813.

Please notice that you are not allowed to drive a car or ride a bike for the next 24 hours.

Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the next couple of days as well as bathtub.


Embryo transfer

You will receive information about embryo transfer before you go home after the oocyte pick-up.

 Two days after the oocyte pick-up you call the laboratory to get the result of the fertilization of the eggs. Depending on the development of the embryos we will transfer an embryo the same day or three days later.

If there are more than one well developed embryo, they will be cultured into blastocysts on day five or six for cryopreservation.

You will receive an email in your e-boks with the result.

If there are no embryos to transfer the doctor will call you later the same day.