The Department of Pathology performs special assignments for the Capital Region of Denmark, the neighbouring regions, and the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

The experimental and clinical research of the department is targeted at obtaining greater knowledge about disease mechanisms and at developing mainly molecular pathological methods for classification of diseases with a view to optimize patient treatment.

The Department of Pathology is a central part of pregraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes.


The Department of Pathology is organised in 5 teams, which conduct pathological diagnostics of each their organ group: 

Blue Team (transplant pathology, lung pathology, heart pathology, uropathology, nephropathology, liver pathology, gastrointestinal pathology)

Red Team 
(gynaecological pathology, pediatric pathology, foetal pathology, haematological pathology, dermapathology)

Yellow Team 
(mamma pathology, thyreoidea pathology, ear-nose-throat pathology, bone and soft-tissue pathology) 

(CNS pathology, muscle pathology, the Prion lab)The Bartholin Institute (molecular pathology, cancer research, diabetes research)


The national Pathology Data Bank (Patobank) works as a daily diagnostic tool.

> Read more about Patobank (only in Danish)

In connection with sample testing, the Patobank is used to provide information about previous patho-anatomical tests, regardless of where in Denmark such tests are conducted.

In the Patobank, detailed registration of the department’s production data is also conducted to help with financial planning and budget control, etc.

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