Ambulance response times

Data about our ambulance response times for emergency and non-emergency calls are updated monthly and may be found here. Details on response times from previous years are also available.​

How response times are ​​measured

The response time is the time taken from when the ambulance request is received at the region's emergency operations center​, to when the ambulance arrives at the patient’s address.

Media​​n values give an impression of the average response times​​

The region has therefore decided to give response times as a median value - from now on referred to as the “response time”. The median value is the time taken for the last of the first 50 ambulances reaches a patient, when 100 ambulances are dispatched.


What is known as the 90th percentile and the 98th percentile are also specified. This describes the time taken for the 90th and 98th ambulance out of 100 to reach their destinations.

Response​ times in 2012

In emer​gency response situations, the region’s ambulances continue to reach the patient quickly

The median response time in 2012 varied from 6 minutes to 6.45 minutes for the entire region. The 90th percentile times were from 10.32 minutes to 11.42 minutes depending on the month.

This corresponds to 96.9% of all ambulances in emergency response situations reaching the patient within 15 minutes.

In non-emergenc​​y situations 90% of ambulances reached the patient within 25.23 minutes:​​

The response time for ambulances in non-emergency situations in 2012 is slightly over the target of 25 minutes.

See the trends in response times for the region’s plan areas for 2012. For emergency response (category A), non-emergency (category B) ​(Danish)

Target f​or response times:​​​

The target for emergency response ambulances is that the time taken from the receipt of the call at the emergency operations center to when the ambulance arrives at the patient’s address, should not exceed 13 minutes in 90% of cases.

Response​ times in detail​​​

You can read more (in Danish) about response times in "Status rapport 2012 for præhospitalisation effort and emergency healthca​​​​re response in the Capital Region of Denmark"

Furthe​​r information:​​​​​

  • Emergency operations center manager: Jan Nørtved Sørensen, Capital Region of Denmark​ (+45)51 50 00 51
  • Public Relations, Capital Region of Denmark (+45) 70 20 95 88​​
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