Management team and researchers

​Get an overview of the management team and researchers at The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry. ​

Management​​ team

Melinda Magyari
Head of The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry, MD, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Neurology, University Hospital Rigshospitalet

Bjarne Laursen
Data manager at The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry, senior researcher, PhD, National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark



Hanne Wetendorff Nielsen
Data collection coordinator at the Danish MS Registry

Hanna Joensen
Research data manager, BSc.scient.bibl., Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Informatics and Management Accounting)

Tine Iskov Kopp
Cand.scient., ph.d., epidemiolog

Luigi Pontieri

Statistician, Biologist, PhD

Elisabeth Framke,
Cand.Scient.San., PhD, Senior researcher

Johanna Balslev Andersen
Cand.scient.san.publ., PhD student

Malthe Faurschou Wandall-Holm
MD, PhD student

Rolf Pringler Holm
MD, PhD student

Responsible editor