About us

​The Department of Neurology evaluates and treats patients from the Copenhagen Area, and from other parts of Denmark as well as the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.​

The department receives patients with rare neurological diseases from all of Denmark and often admits patients from other hospitals in Denmark for a second opinion.

The Department of Neurology consists of several units including multiple sclerosis, headache disorders, neuromuscular diseases, memory disorders, stroke and epilepsia including evaluation and treatment of patients candidating for surgery.

Our approach

Our aims are:

  • To provide the best evidence-based treatment to patients with neurological disorders
  • To ensure that patients requiring highly specialised neurological treatment choose the Department of Neurology at Rigshospitalet
  • To stimulate and conduct research activities
  • To have the best education for all students and staff members
  • To ensure that all employees are proud to be employed at the department​


The department is led by the department management, the head of department and head nurse, in close collaboration with the general management group of sub specialities. Specialists and specialist councils and committees are involved in the decision-making.

In order to incorporate specialist knowledge and experience in the organisation and management as well as possible, the department has developed a management structure with team formation and team management with specialist managers. A team management exists for each ward and outpatient department, comprising a lead nurse and a consultant.​


Jesper Erdal
Head of Department of Neurology
Tel: +45 38 63 30 67 / + 45 35 45 20 87
E-mail: Jesper.Erdal@regionh.dk

Mette Egelund
MPA, Head Nurse 
Tel:+45 3534 2746


  • ​Acute and intensive care neurology research group
    The research group investigates the cerebral mechanisms that lead to acute impairment of consciousness and cognition, and what it takes to reverse these mechanisms.​
  • Copenhagen Neuromuscular Center​​
    ​Main areas of research  in the Copenhagen Neuromuscular Center​ involve muscle diseases, myasthenia gravis and neuropathies.​​
  • Danish Headache Center Research Group​​
    ​​The Danish Headache Center has an extensive research programme within mechanisms and treatment of migraine, cluster headache, tension-type headache, and trigeminal neuralgia.​
  • Neurobiology Research Unit​
    ​​The Neurobiology Research Unit conducts translational neuroscience research with the aim to promote preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic advances.​
  • The Stroke Research Group​​
    ​The stroke research group at the Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet, undertakes clinical research on the entire stroke   spectrum from epidemiology, prevention, acute treatment, mechanisms, diagnostic examinations,  neurorehabilitation and organization. 
  • The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry
    The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry collects data on all Danish residents diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and provides new knowledge about multiple sclerosis by research and information.​
  • Linked to the Copenhagen Memory Clinic, The Danish Dementia Research Centre (DDRC) conducts clinical and translational research in dementia and neurogenetic cognitive disorders and houses a nationwide education and info-centre.
  • The Epilepsy Research Center
    The Epilepsy Research Group studies epilepsy from the first seizure to the development of drug-resistance and epilepsy surgery evaluation.  


Department of Neurology - Blegdamsvej
Section 7076
Inge Lehmanns Vej 8
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel: +45 35 45 70 76

Department of Neurology - Glostrup
Section 39
Valdemar Hansens Vej 13
2600 Glostrup
Tel.: + 45 38 63 34 00