The department carries out pregraduate training of physicians within paediatrics 
The Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine carries out pregraduate training in paediatrics; the most important element is the clinical training of 12th- term students in theoretical and practical skills in connection with a 4-5 weeks’ clinical residency. The function also participates actively in training medical specialists in paediatrics primarily with regard in immunology and hepatology.

Postgraduate training at the paediatrics departments
The departments carry out medical specialist training in paediatrics. Two physicians in an introductory programme in paediatrics, 4 physicians in H1 courses and 4 in H2 are employed with the medical specialist training programme. In addition, there is a programme carried out as a side-activityfor clinical genetics and expert training within a number of specialist areas.In connection with employment, all physicians receive about 14 days’ introduction. In the introduction period, new physicians will take a course in acute paediatrics. This is a cross-disciplinary course at the department with training in safe communication, team cooperation and review of individual skills such as ventilation, iv access, resuscitation. Finally, there is scenario training. Postgraduate training in the department focuses on the individual physicians who are potential students, having their skills met according to their log book.  Many physicians will also have the opportunity to function as house officers in a section for a long or short period. Twice a year, there is an education workshop for physicians and advisors who are potential who wish to attend educational programmes. Anja Poulsen, Consultant, Head of Training.

Teaching In Pædiatric haematology and onchology
Specialists from our unit teach at all the NOPHO teaching courses in paediatric haematology and oncology, including being the organiser of the NOPHO leukaemia and lymphoma course.

Nursing care
Postgraduate offers (e.g. scull base course) 

  • Paediatric basic course  
  • Module programme/introductory programme of the department
  • Paediatric Continuing Training

Pregraduate function
The department is co-responsible for training of bachelors of profession in nursing care. Student nurses have residency in the department in their last term.

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