​Paediatrics include children from birth through puberty, until about 15 years of age. The speciality is thus defined on the basis of age and not on the basis of treatment of certain organs or diseases. The development is generally moving towards involving the period of youth until age 20 years, which has already been the case within several specialist areas. The paediatric departments treat children within virtually all highly specialised specialist areas. The department receives patients from all of Denmark, but mainly from the Capital Region of Denmark and the Region of Zealand.

Children constantly grow and develop and therefore they need to know about the varying opportunities for empathy and understanding of their diseases and treatment and the significance of these aspects depending on their age and stage of development.

This means that the department must have specially trained staff at all levels for treatment and care of children. This is the case for very complex patient courses that pose great demands on all employees. The starting point is the family centre’s treatment and care in that parents are significantly involved in the decisions about the treatment of their children.

Because of the complexity of the treatments, patient safety work in the paediatric departments is given high priority. Currently, work is done with health professional contact persons, communication in the clinical work and patient identification in connection with medicine administration.


Eva Mosfeldt Jeppesen
Head of Department
Section: 40​72
Tel: +45 3545 4305 

Marianne Madsen
Head Nurse
Section: 4073
Tel: +45 3545 9562​


Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Section 4072

Entrance 4, 7th floor
Juliane Maries Vej 8
DK-2100 København OE

Tel: +45 3545 44 67
​Email: paediatri.rigshospitalet@regionh