Department of Pediatric Surgery in numbers


  • 16 beds
  • 3 outpatient departments
  • 28 nurses
  • 6 physicians (pediatric surgeons)
  • 6 secretaries
  • 1 patient coordinator

Annual number of patients admitted is about 16, and the length of stay varies from 2 hours to 18 months.

Development of activities:
Rise in activity as a result of the new regional structure in accordance with the current plan: All children below the age of 2 from the Copenhagen region, as well as acute surgery from the new local area. The list presupposes that all boys with cryptorchidism are referred according to the new relevant recommendations.

Calculated in number of services
+ 500 for outpatient visits/outpatient check ups <2 years
+ 250 outpatient surgery/same-day surgery <2 years
+ 300 basic surgery discharges as a result of increased catchment area
+ 600 basic surgery bed days as a result of increased catchment area

If acute surgery/anaesthesiology for children in the on-call function is gathered in one place in the region, acute abdominalia will cause further:
+ 2,000 basic surgery discharges
+ 2,500 basic surgery bed days 

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