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​The Department of Pediatric Surgery is responsible for pediatric surgery with diagnostic evaluation, care and treatment as well as check up of children with congenital abnormalities, acquired diseases and injuries in the oesophagus, the digestive tract, liver and biliary tract, pancreas, urinary tract and genital organs where surgery is or can be an important factor in treatment. The department is located in two centres with physicians and a secretary in the the Centre for Cancer and Organ Diseases and nurses in the Juliane Marie Centre.

The department expects to continue developing the laparocscopic, endoscopic, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, particularly within the expert fields urology and gastrointestinal surgery. In addition, outpatient activities and same-day surgery are expected to increase for small pediatric surgical procedures.  Pediatric surgery research activity covers a wide field from disease prevention, screening evaluations to clinical research for experimental surgery. For many years the department’s main area of research has been cryptorchidism.

The department will focus on expanding the outpatient nursing care consultations for children requiring weight check, new dressings, care and treatment with PEG tubes as well as for well-being problems in relation to the child’s basic disease. Better information for parents with chronically ill children with complicated disorders is planned to be developed in the coming years through the establishment of a telephone helpline, new websites and expansion of special nursing care outpatient departments staffed with specially trained urotherapists and ostomy nurses. Furthermore the department wants better transition from child treatment to adult treatment for the chronic pediatric surgery disorders in cooperation with urologists and gastro surgeons for adult patients. In addition, the department’s vision is to make Denmark the only Knowledge and Practice Centre for children with urinary and faecal incontinence within the treatment of children with severe incontinence problems caused by congenital abnormalities in the gastrointestinal and urogenital area. With the department’s pediatric surgeons and specialist nurses in front, this initiative will not only enhance the quality of the care and treatment course for children and their families, but it will also improve cooperation with cross-disciplinary collaboration partners.​

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Trine Spiegelhauer
Leading Nurse, Section 4053

Phone: 35 45 05 23
Fax: 35 45 38 38​

Jens Hillingsø
Head of Department, Consulta​nt, Section 2122

Phone 35 45 21 22
Fax: 35 45 25 99​

Thomas Hjuler
Medical pediatric ​specialist in charge, Consultant, ​Section 2071

Phone 35 45 87 86
Fax: 35 45 38 ​38​​



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Pediatric Head an​d Orthopaedics

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