Vascular Research Unit

​​The Department of Vascular Surgery, Rigshospitalet, is among the largest vascular clinics in Europe. Our experience and volume of diagnosing and treating vascular disease is considerable, providing a valuable base for development of new treatments as well as basic and clinical research.

Research staff

The Vascular Research Unit is led by a professor and a clinical research associate professor, and the unit comprises of 4-5 Ph.D. students, approx. 10 post docs and graduate special students. During the last ten years 10 theses and doctoral dissertations and more than 300 scientific publications have emanated from the Vascular Research Unit.

The clinical research associate professor is part time employed at Copenhagen Academy of Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES), a NASCE accredited center, with a strong research and development profile within medical education and simulation. 

Research areas 

  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Improved risk prediction of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) with 2D and 3D ultrasound and biomarker analysis - with special focus on volume, intraluminal thrombus, growth rate and biomechanical properties (please see below).
  • Quantification and characterization of atherosclerosis in carotid arteries with 2D and 3D ultrasound techniques (please see below)
  • Detection, monitoring and preventing atherosclerotic disease
  • Surveillance of EVAR patients with advanced ultrasound techniques
  • The effect of physical training and other risk reduction in patients with intermittent claudication
  • Monitoring of muscle function, perfusion and mitochondrial function in patients with PAD
  • Technical skills training in open- and endovascular surgery
  • Lower limb occlusive disease – diagnosis, treatment, outcome, surveillance and co-morbidities
  • Occlusive mesenteric arterial disease – diagnosis, treatment and outcome 
  • Ultrasound guided endovascular treatment

The department has for more than 30 years continuously worked with vascular ultrasound diagnosis and quantification and characterization of atherosclerosis, clinically as well as scientifically. The department is today the largest center for diagnostic vascular ultrasound in Europe performing all types of diagnostic vascular ultrasound procedures. We have since 1998 had a successful research and development collaboration with the world's leading manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound. The clinic is equipped with "state of the art" ultrasound equipment in addition to new instruments under development, performs 15.000 US examinations/year and more than 15 specially trained nurses are employed who undergo continued education and supervision. 

Annual report

For further information on projects and research unit members, please see the annual report 2020 from Vascular Research Unit.

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