​​The Heart Center of Copenhagen University Hospital is a highly specialised unit that diagnoses and treats all kinds of heart diseases.
Special tasks undertaken by the Heart Center are medical and surgical treatment of critital heart diseases, surgical treatment and care of children with congenital heart diseases, rare heart arrhythmia, heart & lung grafting and intensive care. 

Such highly specialised treatment and care means that the doctors and nurses at the Heart Center are in the lead within those areas – while at the same time ensuring respect and consideration of our patients’ wishes and requests. 

As a natural part of our highly specialised treatment and care, the Heart Center conducts an extensive research and training program that enables us to currently improve our clinical knowledge and know-how. 


​Departments at The Heart Center

The Department of Cardiology also treats a number of diseases in lungs and gullet. Center for Pregnant Women with Heart Diseases also belong under the Heart Center. 


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