Research and development

​​The Department of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy cooperates with several departments at Rigshospitalet on research and development.​​​​

​Networks and cooperation

Currently there are several research and development networks among physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the Capital Region of Denmark. 

The department wants to actively contribute to this by planning and participating in education and training programmes and symposia about research and quality development across the Capital Region of Denmark. 

There is also research and development cooperation between hospitals, for example in connection with establishing the Knowledge Centre of Lymphodeamea at Bispebjerg Hospital.

Internationally, the department has contact with Lund University and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, King’s College Hospital in the UK, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Texas, US and University of Oslo in Norway.​

Evidence-based research results in practice

The Department of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy aims to be characterised by a positive development and research culture, and development and research activities are being strengthened at several levels. The department also aims to implement evidence-based research results in practice, and the clinical practice forms the basis for new research questions and studies. 

Evidence-basing clinical occupational therapy is a module in Den Sundhedsfaglige Diplomuddannelse (9 ECTS), which is held in the Capital Region of Denmark collaboratively with University College Sjælland. Planning of the module and teaching has been carried out by Lisbeth Villemoes Sørensen, Research and Development Occupational therapist at Rigshospitalet.

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