Education and development at the Department of Intensive Care

​The Department of Intensive care offers pre-graduate and post-graduate education for medical and nursing students.​​




Pre-graduate Education
The department offers pre-graduate education for medical students. Professor Anders Perner is responsible for the pre-graduate education.

Post-graduate Education 
The department of intensive care is one of 4 ICUs at the Copenhagen University Hospital - Rigshospitalet. Being the largest ICU at the hospital we have the responsibility of training registrars in the fundamentals of intensive care medicine. 

6 registrars are constantly present on the unit as part of ​their specialist anaesthetic training with rotations between 3 – 6 months. The registrars participate in both day and night shifts under close supervision of the senior registrars and consultants. 

The department has 2 - 3 senior doctors participating in the Scandinavian Intensive Care Training Program. The senior doctors are expected to obtain the European Diploma in Intensive Care Therapy (EDIC) upon completion of the 2-year course. 

The ICU also hosts doctors from other hospitals participating in the program. These candidates gain valuable experience through their one-year stay in the unit.

Doctors in training from other medical and surgical specialties are often present in the unit as a part of their specialist training programs, gaining insight into intensive care treatment modalities and the challenges facing the ICU physicians.

Formal education meetings are held twice a week at the unit in subjects related to intensive care medicine. Attendance is compulsory.
The academic environment of the department is strengthened through the commitment and dedication of the senior doctors and their constant efforts to excel in all aspects of their work. 

Consultant, Jonathan White, is responsible for the post-graduate educational program. ​


Pre-graduate education
The unit provides training for nursing students at all levels of clinical nursing education. In addition to clinical training the unit also collaborates with nursing students in preparation of their final BA project. 
Clinical nursing supervisor Ane-Grethe Jespersen is responsible for coordination of the nursing students attached to the unit.

Post-graduate education
All newly appointed nursing staff commence their employment with an introductory program. The introductory program encompasses both clinical and theoretical teaching and has a duration of approximately 3 months. 

The clinical training program is supervised by dedicated nursing staff and tailored to individual requirement in collaboration with the appointed nurses mentor. The theoretical training program is held predominantly on the ward, however some courses are run at other units in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Specialist training courses for intensive care nurses
The unit has a key role in educating nurses during their specialist training in intensive care. Between 12 to 14 intensive care nurses are trained annually in the unit. The clinical nursing specialist Mette Rosendahl-Nielsen is responsible for the training program within the unit.

The duration of the training program is 18 months. It is both a clinical and theoretical postgraduate training program built up on the concepts of basic nursing education. Candidates applying for the training program must have a minimum of two years clinical experience and must have achieved all objectives defined in the introductory period prior to application.

The specialist training program consists of both clinical training in the unit, compulsory attendance of theoretical courses, clinical training in an ICU and a recovery unit remote from our own unit and composition of a final written paper (relevant to the intensive care field).

Upon completion of the specialist-training program nurses in the unit can engage in one of the many medical specialities represented in the unit, participate in various taskforces or undertake responsibility regarding unit management or training and education.

In addition to the internal training of nurses the unit also serves as traineeship for external trainees.

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