Practical preparations prior to surgery

Information regarding your practical preparations prior to surgery.

Meeting time:

The evening before the operation, please call the ward after 5 pm. (telephone (+45) 35 45 50 31 / (+45) 35 45 50 32) to confirm the scheduled time for your operation and arrival time at the hospital.

Cleansing of the intestine. 

Suppository (Dulcolax) □  Clyster(Klyx) □  The suppository/Clyster must be inserted the evening before the operation around 8 pm. □  The suppository/Clyster must be inserted the  morning of the operation. □

Hair removal (intimate shaving):

Please shave all pubes hair, so there is no visible hair growth while you are in an upright position.  It’s necessary to remove approximately 5 cm of the top border of your hairline □   If your operation is a LAVH or vulvectomi, you have to do a total shaving □

The places you need to wash before the operation

The night before the operation you have to:

It’s important that you fast from midnight. Furthermore do not drink any liquids from 6 am. (until 6 am. you may drink water, coffee  and tea without milk or other dairy products.)

The morning of the operation:

You have to take a shower. It is important to wash your belly button and brush your teeth very thoroughly. Do not use nail polish, creams or any kind of makeup. If you require headwear, this will be provided by the staff.

We recommend you remember to bring headphones for the TV on the ward (they can be purchased in 7-Eleven at Rigshospitalet), and remember a book or something else to read in. Remember to bring chewing gum to improve your gastrointestinal function after the operation.  Rigshospitalet has free internet access. A patient telephone is available by your delegated bed.

Remember to bring your own prescription medicine with you preferably enough for 4 days. 

Pain management:

We recommend that you buy painkillers such as Panodil and Ipren, as you may need them after discharge from the hospital.