Food for children/teenagers going through a bone marrow transplantation

Children or teenagers, who are going through a bone marrow transplant, will be provided sterile food while hospitalised. Food for parents or siblings can be stored in the unit or bought from the kitchen.

While your child/teenager is in the hospital, he/she will receive all meals from our kitchen. The kitchen serves food for all of the pediatric departments. The kitchen is located on the 5th floor (entrance 5) and is connected to the Department of Pediatric Oncology (5054 – Cancer department). This is a ”clean” unit which means no children or relatives with an infection are allowed into the kitchen.

The kitchen staff is educated and well aware of the rules of handling different food when your child/teenager is going through bone marrow transplantation. During meal preparation, the staff will not wear gloves because they comply with standard hygiene procedures.

There are other precautions when your child/teenager is in the hospital. These are described in the following section.

Food for children/teenagers

At mealtimes you can pick up the food for your child/teenager. You can take food from the buffet, and because the buffet is also used by the unit’s own children, you have to be there 15 minutes before everyone else.

  • Breakfast from 7.45 - 8 AM (There will be freshly baked bread for your child/teenager)
  • Lunch from 11.45 AM - 12 PM
  • Dinner from 5.30 - 5.45 PM
  • Afternoon snack from 2 PM

If you have special food requests, you are welcome to contact the kitchen. Call number +45 3545 5459.

If you are unable to pick up the food on the specified times, you can arrange with the kitchen staff and they will set a meal aside for your child/teenager. This only applies for the child/teenager and not the parents/siblings.

If you are unable to pick up the food yourself, you can arrange with the nurse that she picks it up for you.

When you pick up the food:

  • Disinfect the plate before you place food on it
  • Cover the plate and food with tinfoil or plastic wrap before you bring it to the room.

The tray is not allowed into the room.

The unit (5061) has a little kitchen only for families in the bone marrow transplantation unit. Sterile water, waterboxes and juice are always available.

Whenever you wash fruit and vegetables for your child/teenager you can use tap water, as the tap has a filter that collects all bacteria.

All water whether it has been boiled or not, has to be sterile or from a waterbox.

There is also a freezer with children-friendly meals. If you need other food you can get it in the kitchen at unit 5054.

Food for parents/siblings

Hospitalized children/teenagers and one parent are offered free meals. Meals for siblings under the age of 12 are also free of charge.

The other parent can buy food from the kitchen.

The meal prizes are:

  • Breakfast 35 DKK
  • Lunch 70 DKK
  • Dinner 70 DKK

This includes coffee, tea and juice.

Soft drinks and waterboxes are only for the admitted children and teenagers.

Payment: You will receive a form to fill in what you have ordered every day. You will receive a bill on a monthly basis.

Place the form in the binder: ”Mad tilmelding” (food registration).

You must sign up for the meals. Orders are taken before 9.30 AM for lunch and dinner before 2 PM. This is to ensure enough food for everyone.

Your food does not need to be sterile, so you can pick up food from the buffet whenever it is open. If you bring food into the room, you need to disinfect the plate.

You can drink tap water and you do not need to drink the special water your child/teenager is getting.

Use the kitchen’s tap water to brew coffee and tea.

There is a refrigerator for your private food. You will get a box where you can store your food. You cannot have more food than what the box contains.

Label all food and drinks with name and date.

There is a freezer available for private food; this should also be labeled with name and date.

According to the Food Administration you are allowed to heat your food on the stove/in the microwave, but you are not allowed to cook in the kitchen