Children a Denis Browne brace - information and advice for parents

Advice for parents whose child uses a Denis Browne brace. Read about breastfeeding positions, diapers and changing diapers, sleeping positions, and more.

Breastfeeding positions

You can use all positions where the legs of the child are not pressed against the mother’s stomach, to prevent additional pressure on the inner thighs.


The elastic is placed on the brace to ensure that the brace is in the correct position with the back piece over the buttocks. You must be able to insert two fingers under the brace. If not, it is too tight. The elastic may have to be loosened after breastfeeding, because the baby’s stomachs may need to expand slightly.

Diaper and changing diapers

Use diapers with good padding under the brace on the tailbone, to avoid pressure. In some cases you need to go a size up in diapers.


The clothes must not be tight around the legs. Use if necessary, a size larger than you would normally use. Use pants with good elastic, and onesies with buttons along the legs.

Sleeping positions

When the child is sleeping, you should place a rolled towel under the legs for support. You must make sure that there is plenty of space on both sides on the legs.


Protect the child against pressure on the tail bone by using foam wipes on the brace. Make sure to dry the child thoroughly after the bath to avoid fungus. Do not use oil in the water. The brace does not tolerate chlorine and therefore the child must not go any public swimming pool and the like. When bathing, be attentive of the fact that the brace is heavy, and the child cannot keep the brace above water by itself.

Stomach exercises

The child’s stomach can stagnate, and you can use stomach exercises to get it going again. You can make clockwise circular movements on the stomach. You can push and massage the child under the feet. You can make clockwise circular movements with the child’s legs. The child should lie on its stomach as much as possible, as it stimulates the intestines. 

Advice from other parents

Ergonomic and light harnesses that are good for children with a Denis Browne brace:

  • Manduse
  • Ergobaby (especially model 360)
  • Tula
  • Baby to grow

You might need a bigger child safety seat for your car, while your child is in treatment with DB-brace.

Doctors appointment after removal of DB-brace

The brace wil be removed at Gentofte Hospital. Afterwards, you should call the secretary at Rigshospitalet, dial 35 45 41 30, to make a doctors appointment for a check-up after removal of DB-brace.