​Research is one of the cornerstones of Rigshospitalet. This means that research occupies a very special place of importance and priority at Rigshospitalet. Research findings are obtained and disseminated through extensive national and international collaboration.​

​Action plan to enhance research (extract)

Rigshospitalet research policy operates within the framework of the Capital Region's policy for health research

Focus areas
Rigshospitalet houses nationally and internationally recognised research environments, ensuring establishment of the latest international clinical and research-related results.​

International House

​The International H​ouse will be open to foreign researchers and visiting researchers, PhD students at the University, as well as international staff at the University Hospital. At the International House you will be able to get help with tax documents and residence permits, socialise, and stay in one of the guest rooms.​

PhD students and projects

​Rigshospitalet supervises around 250 PhD students a year. PhD programmes are usually conducted in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, and the University is responsible for final evaluation and award of the PhD degree.​


Here you can find a list of Rigshospitalet’s professors.


Here you can find Rigshospitalet’s annual scientific reports.​