Alan Manning: It will be fun!

​I oktober besøger Alan Manning fra Planetree os igen. Han vil bl.a. sætte fokus på inddragelse af pårørende og "fælles beslutningstagen". Vi har bedt ham fortælle lidt om, hvad han ser frem til ved besøget.

What do you​ expect to see?

I learn so much every time I visit the Finsen Center. During my initial visit I learned a lot about how the center operates and how it fits within the broader Danish healthcare system. From there, we began deeper conversations about how patient centered care can complement the efforts you have already undertaken.

During my second visit, we became far more strategic about where the Finsen Center should place it's focus. Where will the organization yield the best results?​

On this visit, I expect to see many of those plans "under construction." I really hope to experience the energy and excitement created from the positive steps taken. I anticipate that we will start far more specific and detailed questions about the tactics needed to be successful.  

​What are you going to talk about

So far my visits have migrated from theoretical to strategic topics. It seems reasonable that this visit would continue some strategic conversations with a deeper focus on tactical implementation of programs and approaches. While those conversations will go in many different directions, the 3 main topics being addressed on this visit are:

  1. The effective implementation of care-partner programs in a systematic way
  2. Shared decision making strategies and approaches
  3. Support for programs currently in progress with the view to adding new perspectives or resources. It will be fun!​ 

What things have surprised you the most about working with us in Denmark?

As a fellow European I had a decent understanding of Danish culture. However, even though I knew some overarching characteristics, I was still struck by the honesty (ikke honestly), pragmatism, and intelligence of the people I met.

The Danish healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Our goal is to help you maintain this position by adding new skills and approaches to your already impressive system. During an earlier visit to Copenhagen, I learned the concept of being "home blind" and in many ways that is what Planetree hopes to help with - we hope to offer perspectives that are then advanced by an increased ability to harness the voice of the patient. I know this will work because more than anything else, I have seen first-hand that when people at the Finsen Center turn their attention and focus to something, it gets done at a very high level.

Finally, you produce those outcomes without significantly sacrificing your work-life balance. I am so impressed by the way people work in Denmark. Not only are you effective, but you are efficient. I'm sure it doesn't always feel that way when you live and work in the system every day, but compared to many other organizations and cultures that we support, healthcare employees in Denmark enjoy a far more healthy and balanced work environment. Long may it last! ​