Integrated play

​The aim of the project is to gather and systematize knowledge about play and develop more solutions, which with the help of play improves quality of life, healing and learning at the hospital. More of these solutions are already in the process of being tested in Rigshospitalet's current environment.  


Time horizon 

  • Start-up: January 2017 
  • End: Consecutive 

Background and purpose 

Five design principles create the foundation of the user experience at BørneRiget.

In connection with the preliminary study for BørneRiget, we defined five design principles of which the new hospital should be imbued with to become the world’s best hospital for children, adolescents and women in labour. The first of these principles is the principle of Integrated play: Make play an integrated part of BørneRiget’s design, life and procedure. 

Read more about the five design principles here: Design principles

BørneRiget will make play an integrated part of the physical settings and culture of the hospital.  

The principle about integrated play builds on the knowledge that children will not stop being children who play “just” because they are hospitalised with an illness. Play is crucial for children and can be used actively for other purposes than entertainment. 

Currently, Rigshospitalet already applies play to reduce the negative consequences of illness, including isolation, pain and discomfort in connection with procedures and treatment. Yet, we believe even more can be done to improve the potential of play to advance recoveries, quality of life and learning throughout the whole procedure of patient care. 

We wish to create more opportunities for play and playing experiences at the hospital for children, adolescents and adults. Our ambition is to become an institution for play that can be an inspiration to other hospitals. 

In the autumn of 2017, we had a special focus on the application of play in procedure situation, which are often the most stressful for children – for example the taking of blood samples.  

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