The Capital Region of Denmark, Rigshospitalet and Ole Kirk’s Fond have joined forces in a partnership to build a first-rate hospital building that sets new standards for the treatment of children, adolescents, pregnant women and their families. 


​The Capital Region of Denmark has provided a historically large grant of 1.4 bn Danish kroner to support construction, and Ole Kirk’s Fond has donated 0.6 bn Danish kroner.​​

The partnership between The Capital Region, Rigshospitalet and Ole Kirk's Fond enables the construction of a new innovative hospital building, which takes into account the vulnerability of the families when their child is seriously ill.

Developing the entire Danish h​ealthcare system

The goal is that the new hospital building for children, young people and women giving birth at Rigshospitalet should contribute to the development of  the entire Danish healthcare system in a whole new direction, where patient care is much more than diagnosing diseases and providing medicine.

​Safe surround​​ings

The goal of the hospital is to revolutionize the concept of a hospital stay and remove the feeling that life has come to a halt for patients and their families when hospitalized. All treatment and functions are aimed at moving children and parents around as little as possible. 

The specialists and experts will come to the child, the patient and the family – not the other way round. In addition, the new hospital building will be designed to offer patients and their families the opportunity to be together as a family, enjoying as ordinary an everyday life and safe surroundings as possible.

Integration of res​earch, education and treatment

Research, education and coherent pathways for children and their families are essential prerequisites to offer the best treatment and care. Due to the partnership is has been possible to integrate research, education and treatment in the building from the start. It provides unique opportunities for researchers, and it provides unique opportunities for innovation in relation to treatment.