Trigeminal neuralgia – towards personalised medicine? (2019)


Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a rare and very painful neuropathic pain disease characterized by abrupt onset of excruciating pain in one side of the face. Treatment of TN is not effective in all patients, and it is unclear who will expect a good treatment outcome. Systematic, prospectively designed TN studies are highly needed as they can provide detailed descriptions of which clinical characteristics that predict the prognosis and treatment outcome. Genetic information of TN patients can elucidate whether changes in the genome may lead to the development of TN. Detailed knowledge of genes and clinical characteristics in TN patients can potentially lead to more individualized treatment strategies of the disease.
The overall aim of the thesis was to encircle the elements of personalised medicine and individualized treatment strategies in TN. Study I aimed to describe a management programme for TN-patients, developed at and implemented in a tertiary centre for facial pain. Also, the study’s objective was to report how the programme enabled a systematic collection of scientific data from the patient group. 
Study II and III aimed to describe which clinical characteristics that predict a good effect of surgical (in the thesis only microvascular decompression) and medical treatment, and to....

Place of employment

PhD author

Tone Bruvik Heinskou,

Date and place of defense

20st May 2019, Department of Neurology, Danish Headache Center


Academic advisor: Associate Professor Lars Bendtsen.
Academic advisor: Associate Professor Per Rochat.
Academic advisor: MD, PhD Stine Maarbjerg.


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