Parastomal bulging – patients’ symptoms, health-related quality of life and course of surgical treatment (2020)


Parastomal bulging is a frequent complication that occurs in more than half of patients with an ileostomy or a colostomy. A parastomal bulge leads to problems with stomal appliances and changes in patients' physical appearance and is associated with a variety of symptoms.

In this PhD study, encompassing three studies, we observed the following: i) Parastomal bulging leads to physical changes requiring patients' ongoing awareness. Unpleasant and unfamiliar sensations brought on by the bulge were difficult to interpret and appraise and interacted with patients' everyday lives. The bodily asymmetry deformed patients' bodies; ii) A sample of 1,265 patients (65%) with a stoma completed a questionnaire on health-related quality of life. Of these, 693 (55%) patients with a parastomal bulge had significantly impaired (P< 0.01) stoma-specific and generic quality of life; iii) In a sample of 1,016 patients having a parastomal bulge the probability of undergoing repair was 9% within 1 year and 19% within 5 years after the occurrence of a parastomal bulge. The incidence of undergoing further repair was high. Stoma revision was performed almost as frequently as repair with a mesh. Stoma reve sal was more common than expected.

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Part of the PrEParE project

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Marianne Krogsgaard, Master of Health Science

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20th May 2020, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen,


Thordis Thomsen (main)
Anne Kjærgaard Danielsen
Anders Vinther
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