The role of chest drains in fast-track video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (2019)


Fast-track surgery, or enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), is the combined approach of several factors to reduce pain and stress responses to surgery with the goal of achieving a pain and risk-free operation. In video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), a major contributor to pain and delayed postoperative recovery is the postoperative chest drain. In this PhD thesis we explore methods to shorten or completely eliminate the use of standard postoperative chest drains after lung resections using VATS to improve overall treatment.

Additional project information

Our group conducts clinical research on enhanced recovery after thoracic surgery and translational research on the pathophysiology of the pleura after lung resection.

Place of employment

PhD author

Bo Laksáfoss Holbek, MD, PhD

Date and place of defense

25th April 2019


René Horsleben Petersen, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery (main)
Henrik Kehlet, Professor of Perioperative therapy
Henrik Jessen Hansen, Chief Surgeon


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