Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility (CMCF)

​The Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility (CMCF) is an analytical facility specialized in mass-spectrometry techniques used for sensitive quantitative small-molecule analysis.​


These quantitative analyses are usually carried out in combination with enrichments analyses of multiple metabolites labelled with 13C-, 2H- or 15N-stable isotopes in blood and tissue to study human in vivo metabolite synthesis and breakdown rates. Moreover, CMCF supports investigators in the design and scientific interpretation of their basic science or clinical research.

In general, all metabolic research is supported, with emphasis on protein, glucose and fat metabolism in healthy individuals and a variety of patients. A range of different mass-spectrometers is available to cover the different types of measurements required in these studies (GC-MS, GS-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-C-IRMS, GC-IRMS and EA-IRMS).

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Contact information

Gerrit van Hall
Professor of Clinical Metabolism
Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of Copenhagen

Manager of Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility
Department of Infectious Diseases
Rigshospitalet, section 7652

Tel: +45 3545 7595


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