Rigmor Højland Jensen

​Professor of Headache Diseases and Neurological Pain


​Other titles

Leader of Danish Headache Center and Chair of Master of Headache Disorders at University of Copenhagen

Affiliated to

Danish Headache Center, Department of Neurology, Neuroscience Centre, Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen

Research areas include

  • Epidemiology of pain and headache  
  • Disease mechanism and treatment of: Cluster Headache, Medication Overuse Headache  
  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) 
  • Brain Water: Regulation and Transport 
  • Spontaneous intracranial hypotension

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Contact information

E-mail: rigmor.jensen@regionh.dk
Phone: + 45 38 63 20 62​

Updated ​04-07-2023​

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