Olav Bjørn Petersen

Professor in Fetal Medicine


​​​Other titles​​

Clinical professor, Senior Physician, Ph.D.​

Affiliated to​​​

Department of Obstetrics (rigshopitalet.dk) and ​Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen (ikm.ku.dk/english)​

Research areas include​

  • ​Improved fetal diagnosis and therapy, including:
    • ​Prenatal genetic screening and diagnostics
    • Prediction of outcome, new diagnostic methods
    • Significance for the individual and society
    • Telemedicine and digital solutions for pregnancy

Additional information​

​CV (dropbox.com)

Publications (dropbox.com)

Contact information

E-mail: olav.bennike.bjoern.petersen@regionh.dk

Phone: +45 40 33 11 58

På dansk​ (rigshospitalet.dk)


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