Professor Liselotte Højgaard


Professors at Rigshospitalet

​The departments at Rigshospitalet function as clinical university departments. Many of Rigshospitalet's consultants are therefore also employed as professors or associate professors.

 Acute medicine


 Cardiothoracic surgery

 Clinical biochemistry

 Clinical genetics

 Clinical immunology

 Clinical microbiology

 Clinical oncology

 Clinical physiology and nuclear medicine

 General surgery

 Internal medicine: cardiology

 Internal medicine: endocrinology

 Internal medicine: gastroenterology and hepatology

 Internal medicine: haematology

 Internal medicine: infectious diseases

 Internal medicine: nephrology

 Internal medicine: rheumatology

 Medical genomics



 Obstetrics and gynaecology


 Orthopaedic surgery



 Plastic surgery




 Vascular surgery


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