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Basic cancer research​

Topic: Cancer | PhD student: Christine Dethlefsen
Topic: Cancer | PhD student: Line Pedersen
Topic: Cancer | PhD student: ​Katrine Seide Pedersen


Topic: Chronic heart failure | PhD student: Gregers Munch
Topic: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary | PhD student: Ulrik W. Lepsen

Cardiovascular physiology​​​​

Topic: Brain and Muscle Blood Flow | PhD student: Steven Trang​mar


Topic: ​Intermittent fasting | PhD student: Nina Majlund Harder-Lauridsen
Topic: Muscle-Liver Cross-Talk | PhD student: ​Jakob Hansen​
Topic: ​​The incretin effect | PhD student: ​Signe Tellerup Nielsen
Topic: Type 2 diabetes | PhD student: Kamilla Winding
Topic: ​Type 2 diabetes | PhD student: ​​Louise Lang Lehrskov-Schmidt​


Topic: Acute myeloid leukemia | PhD student: Alexander Junge​
Topic: Allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation | PhD student: Marietta Nygaard
Topic: ​Anti-CD52 antibo​dies in the treatment of CLL | PhD student: ​Fie Juhl Vojdeman
Topic: ​Epigenetics in chronic myeloproliferative disorders | PhD student: ​Helene Myrtue Nielsen
Topic: Immunity | PhD student: ​​Ninette Genster
Topic: ​Innate immunity | PhD student: ​Sara Dahl
Topic: ​Innate immun​ity | PhD student: ​Elisabeth Cramer
Topic: Leukaemia | PhD student: ​Felicia K. Lauridsen
Topic: ​Malignant Lymphoma relapse treatment and outcome | PhD student: ​Bente Arboe
Topic: ​miRNA in granulopoiesis | PhD student: ​Corinna Cavan Pedersen
Topic: ​Multiple myeloma | PhD student: ​Rasmus Sørrig
Topic: ​Multiple myeloma | PhD student: ​Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Topic: ​Myelodysplastic syndromes | PhD student: ​Jakob Werner-Hansen
Topic: ​T-cell subtypes in allogeneic stem cell transplantation | PhD student: ​Lia Minculescu
Topic: ​Vaults in hematological cancers | PhD student: ​Alexandra Søgaard
Topic: | PhD student: ​Helga Duverger Munch-Pedersen


Topic: ​Gro Askgaard​ | PhD student: Alcoholic liver disease

Infectious diseases​

Topic: CMV infection | PhD student: Isabelle Lodding
Topic: ​Cystic ​Fibrosis | PhD student: ​Karin Bæk Knudsen
Topic: ​EBV infection | PhD student: ​Neval Warham
Topic: ​Hepatitis C | PhD student: ​Marianne Linnet
Topic: ​HIV infection | PhD student: ​Kamilla Grønborg Laut
Topic: ​HIV infection | PhD student: ​Camilla Ingrid Hatleberg
Topic: ​HIV infection​s | PhD student: ​Vibe C. Ballegaard
Topic: ​HIV infection​s | PhD student: ​Judith Haismann
Topic: ​HIV infection​s | PhD student: ​Andreas Ronit
Topic: ​Infectious diseses | PhD student: ​Hans-Jacob Hartling
Topic: Tuberculosis | PhD student: ​Dorte Bek Folkvardsen
Topic: ​Tuberculosis | PhD student: ​​Mathias Klok Pedersen
Topic: Tuberculosis | PhD student: ​​Anne-Marie Werlinrud
Topic: Tuberculosis | PhD student: ​Martha Zewdie Gebeyahu
Topic: ​HIV infections | PhD student: ​Daniel Yilma
Topic: ​Tuberculosis/HIV | PhD student: ​Stephanie Bjerrum
Topic: Tuberculosis | PhD student: ​Karen Bjørn Mortensen
Topic: Vaccines | PhD student: ​Nina Birk Eriksen
Topic: Vaccines | PhD student: ​Thomas Blauenfeldt
Topic: ​Malaria | PhD student: ​Rebecca Wendelboe Olsen
Topic: Malaria | PhD student: ​Filip Castberg​
Topic: ​Jørgen Kurtzhals, Lars Hviid | PhD student: ​Betty Bandoh

Intensive Care​

Topic: ​Soft-tissue infection – characteristics and outcome | PhD student: Martin Brun Madsen
Topic: ​Long-term outcome after transfusion in septic shock | PhD student: Sofie Louise Rygård
Topic: ​The effects of pantoprazol vs. placebo in ICU patients | PhD student: Søren Marker Jensen
Topic: ​The consequences of delirium in ICU patients | PhD student: Marie Oxenbøll-Collet
Topic: ​The value of big data in predicting poor outcomes in ICU patients | PhD student: Hans-Chr. Thorsen-Meyer
Topic: ​The effects of trace element and vitamin substitution in ICU patients​ | PhD student: Gitte Kingo Vesterlund

Medical Endocrinology 

Topic: ​Gestational weight gain in women with pregestational diabetes | PhD student: Björg Ásbjörnsdóttir
Topic: ​Fetal programming, childhood cardiometabolic health, diet, gestational diabetes, birth weight | PhD student: ​Freja Bach Kampmann
Topic: ​Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy with diabetes | PhD student: Marianne Vestgaard
Topic:Metabolic dysfunction in children and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia | PhD student: ​Pernille Rudebeck Mogensen
Topic: ​Thyroid and reproductions | PhD student: Sofie Bliddal
Topic: ​Glucocorticoid-induced adrenal insufficeincy | PhD student: Stina Willemoes Borresen
Topic: ​Measurement of quality of life using ecological momentary assessments | PhD student: Victor Brun Boese

Medical Gastroenterology​​​

Topic: ​Intestinal Failure | PhD student: Siri Tribler
Topic: ​Intestinal Failure | PhD student: Rahim Naimi
Topic: ​Intestinal Failure | PhD student: Mark Hvistendahl
Topic: ​Intestinal Failure | PhD student: Kristian Fuglsang
Topic: ​Intestinal Failure | PhD student: Pernille Kongsbak-Wismann

Molecular Biology​

Topic: Acute Myeloid Leukemia | PhD student: Anne Katrine Frank
Topic: ​B-cell development | PhD student: ​Elisabeth Søndergaard
Topic: ​Brown Adipose Tissue | PhD student: ​Naja Zenius Jespersen
Topic: ​Human brown fat | PhD student: ​Therese Julin Larsen
Topic: ​Human brown fat | PhD student: ​Cecilie Nandrup-Bus
Topic: ​Inflammation and fat accumulation | PhD student: ​Neha Mathur
Topic: ​Type 2 diabetes | PhD student: ​Tora Henriksen
Topic: Leukemia | PhD student: Tanja Lyholm Jensen
Topic: ​Acute Myeloid Leukemia | PhD student: ​Ying Ge​


Topic: ​Chronic Kidney Disease | PhD student: Anders Nordholm
Topic: ​Vascular calcification | PhD student: Eva Gravesen
Topic: ​Hyperphosphatemia and Diet intervention | PhD student: Louise Havkrog Salomo
Topic: ​Uremic Vasculopathy | PhD student: Maria L. Mace


Topic: Brain cancer | PhD student: Michael Lundemann Jensen
Topic: Brain cancer | PhD student: Mikael Agn
Topic: Brain cancer | PhD student: Thomas Urup
Topic: Brain cancer | PhD student: Mikkel Staberg
Topic: Brain cancer | PhD student: Signe Regner Michaelsen
Topic: Chemotherapy | PhD student: Margrethe Langer Bro
Topic: Childhood cancer | PhD student: Hanin Salem
Topic: Colo-rectal cancer | PhD student: Rikke Løvendahl Eefsen
Topic: Colo-rectal cancer | PhD student: Marie Benzon Mogensen
Topic: Depression and cancer | PhD student: Nis Palm Suppli
Topic: Diabetes and cancer treatment | PhD student: Helga Schultz
Topic: Head and neck cancer | PhD student: Gregers B.D. Rasmussen
Topic: Head and neck cancer | PhD student: Katrin Håkansson
Topic: Lung cancer | PhD student: Lotte Nygård
Topic: Markers for radiotherapy | PhD student: Jonas Scherman Rydhög
Topic: Markers for radiotherapy | PhD student: Steen Riisgaard Mortensen
Topic: Matastatic spinal compression | PhD student: Morten Hiul Suppli
Topic: ​Neuroendocrine tumors | PhD student: Ingrid Holst Olsen
Topic: ​Phase 1 studies | PhD student: Katrine Toubro Gad
Topic: ​Phase 1 trials | PhD student: Ida Elisabeth Viller Tuxen
Topic: ​Proton radiotherapy | PhD student: Josefine Ståhl Kornerup
Topic: ​Terminal cancer | PhD student: Annika Berglind von Heymann-Horan
Topic: ​Terminal cancer | PhD student: Kristine Skov-Benthien
Topic: ​Terminal cancer | PhD student: Mie Nordly
Topic: Testis cancer | PhD student: ​Maria Gry Gundgaard
Topic: Testis cancer | PhD student: ​Mette Saksø Mortensen
Topic: Testis cancer | PhD student: ​Mikkel Bandak
Topic: Lung cancer | PhD student: Mirjana Josipovic
Topic: Radiotherapy side effects | PhD student: Laura Rechner
Topic: Proton therapy | PhD student: Jenny Dueck
Topic: Side effects of treatment | PhD student: Christina Bæksted
Topic: Vulva Cancer/Gynecological cancer | PhD student: Christina Vorbeck

Surgical Gast​​​roenterology​

Topic: ​Colorectal cancer and colorectal liver metastases | PhD student: Hans Christian Rolff
Topic: ​Liver transplantation | PhD student: Andreas Arendtsen Rostved
Topic: ​Gut hormones | PhD student: Simon Veedfald
Topic: ​Microcirculation and postoperative complications | PhD student: Rikard Ambrus
Topic: ​Premature, laparoscopy, microcirculation, nutrition, indocyanine green, surgery | PhD student: Kristine Bach Korsholm Knudsen
Topic: ​Follow-up, cancer, nursing | PhD student: Kristine Dengsø
Topic: ​​Perfusion assessment | PhD student: ​Nikolaj Nerup


Topic: ​Prostate cancer | PhD student: Frederik B. Thomsen​
Topic: ​Prostate cancer | PhD student: Kasper D. Berg
Topic: ​Prostate cancer | PhD student: M. Andreas Røder
Topic: ​Prostate cancer | PhD student: Camilla Nerstrøm (Research Year Student)

Vascular Surgery​​​​​​

Topic: ​Advanced ultrasound and EVAR follow-up | PhD student: Kim Bredahl​
Topic: ​Carotid Atherosclerosis | PhD student: Benjamin Sandholt
Topic: ​Measuring perfusion with micro lightguide spectrophotometry (O2C) | PhD student: Lise Pyndt
Topic: ​Patient-centred Prevention | PhD student: Kathrine Hoffmann Pii
Topic: ​Post operative inflammatory response | PhD student: Louise de la Motte
Topic: ​Smoking cessation | PhD student: Mette K. Flamand

DMSc student

Topic: ​Testicular cancer | DMSc student: ​Mikkel Bandak
Topic: ​Testicular cancer | DMSc student: ​Jakob Lauritsen
Topic: ​Hodgkin lymphoma | DMSc student: ​Maja Maraldo
Topic: ​Mathematical modeling in radiotherapy | DMSc student: ​Ivan Vogelius

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