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Pre-Hospital Services are responsible for a number of cross-disciplinary emergency functions in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Pre-Hospital Services tasks​​​​​​​

Pre-Hospital Services have overall responsibility for services such as the following:

  • Receiving health-related emergency calls on 112
  • Dispatching ambulances, emergency medical vehicles and transport of lying patients.
  • Helpline 1813
  • Health-related emergency response plans
  • Emergency medical vehicles including sending out emergency response team leaders
  • Ambulance helicopters in collaboration with Region Zealand
  • The Acute Medicine Coordination Centre (AMK), the operational emergency response


The management of Pre-Hospital Services consists of one director and five unit heads.

Read AKUT Virksomheds- og ledelsesgrundlag (Danish). (PDF opens in new window)

See the organizational​ chart for Pre-Ho​spital Services (Danish). (PDF opens in new window)

The five units​​​

  • Administration and Secretariat
  • AMK- Emergency operations center​
  • Emergency medical vehicles and  ambulance helicopters
  • Ambulance response and operation
  • The operation of the Acute Medicine Coordination Centre (AMK) with health-related emergency response