The AMK emergency operations centre of the Capital Region of Denmark

Read about the AMK emergency operations centre of the Capital Region of Denmark

The AMK - The e​mergency operations center​​

The AMK emergency operations center of the Capital Region of Denmark is the coordinating unit for all pre-hospital services with ambulances, emergency physician cars and general transport for the sick.

Ensures collective initiatives​

A regional AMK emergency operations center ensures better coordination of services and exploitation of resources as well as intensification of the specialist health elements in daily operative decisions and at managerial level.


The region’s AMK emergency operations center receives calls for all ambulance services, an emergency physician and ambulance transport as well as requests for assistance from the ambulance helicopter in the Capital Region of Denmark.


The AMK emergency operations center has a manager for the emergency operations center, an operative manager and a health professional manager. Technical sub-managers and health professional examining officers are also employed at the center.

Technical sub-managers​

The technical sub-managers receive requests for assistance and ensure that the best possible solution is available. Their assessment involves needs and degree of urgency, taking into account resources and logistics. There are on average about 700 responses every day, of which about 60% are emergency tasks.

Health professional examining officers​

Health professional examining officers receive emergency calls from 112 and 1813 numbers. In case of 112 calls, the health professional staff will send the proper help if needed. Staff will subsequently assist the caller on what can be done until help arrives.

Help line 1813​​

The help line 1813 has also been set up at the AMK emergency operations center and offers citizens counselling in the case of acute illness and injuries as well as information on waiting times at the acute admissions centers of the region. Health professional examining officers are mainly nurses with experience from the acute area and the paramedic area.

Ensures easy and direct access

Health programmes in the region are multiple and complex, and in emergency situations people may find it difficult to assess the most relevant and best programme. Help line 1813 was set up to assist citizens across the region to obtaining easy and direct access to competent emergency services 24 hours a day.

Report on the help line in the Capital Region of Denmark​

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