Read here to learn more about the possible symptoms connected with cuts, and how we can help on 1813.

The following scenario is fictive, but realistic.


A 25-year-old man calls helpline 1813 because he has cut himself with a kitchen knife. The nurse decides that the cut is not so deep that it requires stitches. She advises the man to keep his finger under a cold running tap water for around ten minutes and then put a plaster on the wound. If the bleeding continues he should call the helpline again.

This is how ​we help

The man calls again half an hour later, the wound is still bleeding. This time he is referred to the hospital emergency department with the shortest waiting time.

The nurses on the helpline have many years experience from working in a hospital emergency department, for example, and can give you qualified advice.

If y​​ou are in doubt

​​If you are uncertain how serious your illness or injury is, you are always welcome to call the helpline on 1813, and we will guide you appropriately.

Helpline 1813 is staffed 24 hours a day.​

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