Read here to learn more about the possible symptoms connected with burns, and how we can help on 1813.

The following scenario is fictive, but realistic.


A man has burnt his hand on a hot oven. He calls helpline 1813 where a nurse asks him about the size of the burned area and what it looks like.
Based on his description, the nurse advises the man to cool the burn with cold water for at least an hour, or until the pain subsides. After he has done that, the nurse recommends that the man drives to the hospital emergency department with the shortest waiting time.

This is how we help​

Based on the man’s description of the injury, the nurse on the helpline can recommend that he stays home and treats the burn himself with cold water. The treatment would be the same at the hospital emergency department and patients generally prefer to be at home during this phase.
The nurse’s assessment is that in this case, the wound should be checked by a physician after cooling. So she advises the man to drive to an emergency department.
Burns can be very serious. You should call 112 if larger areas of the body are burned or in incidents involving children.

If you are in doubt​​​

If you are uncertain how serious your illness or injury is, you are always welcome to call the helpline on 1813, and we will guide you appropriately.

Helpline 1813 is staffed 24 hours a day.​

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