Presentation at European Lung Cancer Congress

​Martin Højgaard presented data under the title “Efficacy and ctDNA analysis in an updated cohort of patients with TRK fusion lung cancer treated with Larotrectinib” at European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC)

Circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) has emerged as a minimally invasive biomarker for tumor molecular profiling however a better understanding of ctDNA biology and efficacy is essential for development of new methods and clinical utility.  

ctDNA next-generation sequencing represents a promising technology to test NTRK gene fusions or resistance mutations. Reporting’s from this study show efficacy and safety with ctDNA analysis in patients with TRK fusion lung cancer treated with larotrectinib. 

Based on a genomic profile at treatment start, patients with advanced lung cancer harbouring NTRK gene fusions were identified. Identifying this and other gene alterations allow for targeted treatment if available.  These patients and patients with other rare alterations are continuously treated at the Phase 1 Unit. 

Friday the 31st of March, at the European Lung Cancer Congress in Copenhagen, Martin Højgaard presented, on behalf of the investigators in the NAVIGATE trial, data from larotrectinib treated patients with NTRK fusion lung cancer.

The European Lung Cancer Congress is a collaborative effort of multidisciplinary societies representing thoracic oncology specialists. Together the goal is to advance science, disseminate education and improve practice worldwide. During this year’s congress, participants could review the current state-of-the-art in lung cancer therapy, update their knowledge in prevention, screening, detection and much more.

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