Australian-Danish collaboration on gestational diabetes

​From April 2017 the Australian professor and diabetes expert David McIntyre from the University of Queensland is affiliated with the Center for Pregnant Women with Diabetes at Rigshospitalet. He will investigate options for implementing international guidelines for diagnosing pregnancy-related diabetes in Denmark.

Professor David McIntyre plans to do research in Denmark in cooperation with Professor Peter Damm and Professor Elisabeth Mathiesen of the Center for Pregnant Women with Diabetes at Rigshospitalet. The goal is to translate international guidelines for diagnosing and treating gestational diabetes into a Danish context and furthermore investigate the costs and benefits of possible changes to current practice.

David McIntyre og Peter Dam.jpg

Peter Damm and David McIntyre

- In Denmark currently only about 3 percent of all women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, says Professor McIntyre. 

In Australia the number is about 10-12 percent. This difference may be due to different populations, but also may relate to the way in which we are testing or not testing in Denmark, Professor McIntyre explains.

- Potentially, the number could indicate that about 8 percent of pregnant women are not found and treated for gestational diabetes. But we do not know if it has implications.

According to Professor McIntyre we do not know if the 3 percent is due to the composition of the population or something else. 

- We also do not know whether it would be an advantage for society, for the woman and for the child if GDM detection rates in Denmark were higher.. This is something we will try to investigate over the coming month, through research and cost-benefit analyses, Professor David McIntyre explains. 

He looks forward to investigate this issue further in cooperation with Professor Peter Damm and Professor Elisabeth Mathiesen, as well as other researchers in pregnancy and diabetes throughout Denmark.

Professor David McIntyre will be in Denmark for approximately 6 months on and off during the next two years as a visiting professor on a scholarship from the Danish Diabetes Academy.  In  addition to Rigshospitalet, he has also established cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University.

Read more about professor McIntyre's research in Denmark at the homepage of The Danish Diabetes Academy:

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