Staff, patients and relatives contribute to the evaluation of the new hospital building

​Six project teams have submitted their proposals on how the future hospital for children, adolescents and pregnant women at Rigshospitalet should look like.

To examine whether the six bids met the wishes and requirements that staff, patients and relatives previously formulated for BørneRiget, the project organization behind BørneRiget invited 70 participants to a 2-day so-called "scrutiny camp" where the proposals were closely studied.

The result of the scrutiny camp is an important part of the overall evaluation that will be passed on to the jury that must decide which three proposals that advance to the next stage of the competition.

Intense review of the six proposals

Among the participants were representatives from the departments and wards that will be part of the new BørneRiget. Patients and relatives from Juliane Marie Centre's User and Youth Panel also participated as along with professionals from different parts of Rigshospitalet and The Capital Region of Denmark.

The work at the camp was in part based on the extent to which the proposals have created a good correlation between the different departments, the degree to which individual proposals linked logistically, and whether the building is constructed appropriately in relation to the workflow of staff, the design principles for the project, the vision and the various elements in the competition material.

Specific questions were pre-selected to target areas where the proposals differed from the requirements described in the competition material. To asses these deviations the insights of the staff and experts were needed to get the best basis for an overall assessment of each proposal. There were many great discussions of the pros and cons of the solutions, and all the details were discussed and assessed by professionals, staff, patients and families.

Further developments

All input is gathered for each project and handed over to the jury, which by Friday, March 10, 2017 will announce the three proposals that advance to Phase 2. In Phase 2, we will be working on getting as many wishes as possible fulfilled and the proposal that solves the problem the best will be announced as the final winner in late August 2017.

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