New Master of Headache Disorders

​​​The Master of Headache Disorders is a new continuing medical education for health care professionals with experience in headache medicine. ​​

The demand for highly qualified experts in headache disorder is increasing worldwide. To meet this demand, the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Headache Center, Rigshospitalet have developed the Master of Headache Disorders to educate headache specialists.

The Master of Headache Disorders will educate headache specialists by presenting them to the newest research, a unique clinical stay at a world-class centre for headache disorders, and an opportunity to learn from world-leading scientists.

The Master’s programme consists of courses that cover headache epidemiology, diagnosis, pathophysiological mechanisms, investigation and management, headache treatment organization, and research.

The programme is a part-time study programme that can be completed within a period of 2 years.  

Who can benefit from the programme?

Headache treatment at its best is multidisciplinary. This is evident at modern tertiary headache centers which consist of specialised nurses, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrists, pharmacists, dentists and physiotherapists.
The Master of Headache Disorders thus invites applications with the above mentioned degrees and experience in the field of headache medicine to apply for admission

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