International award granted to promising biochemist

Mikkel-Ole Skjødt has been granted the recognized "Young Investigator Award" for his pioneering work regarding a new immunoregulatory molecule.

​Mikkel-Ole Skjødt, MSc. PhD, Senior Researcher has been awarded the prestigious "Young Investigator Award" ("for Research in Complement in recognition of excellence in complement-focused research and outstanding promise as a future leader in biomedical science") by the International Complement Society (ICS).  The award nominees were selected on the basis of recommendations from an independent scientific assessment committee set up by the Board of ICS.  

The award is presented every two years at the International Complement Workshop, (held this year in Kanazawa Japan from September 4 to 8), and the recipient of the award gives an extended lecture on their career and findings. 

In addition to the honor in the award, there is a cash prize presented by Andrea Tenner, President of the International Complement Society and Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine.

Mikkel-Ole Skjødt has for a number of years been a part of the research and development team at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Tissue Typing Laboratory as well as the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine at the Centre of Diagnostic Investigation at Copenhagen University Hospital.

The main results of his research have been the discovery and classification of a new immunoregulatory molecule (MAP-1) that may be significant in stemming the spread of inflammation and also preventing blood clots from forming.  Additionally, he has been heavily involved in classifying how the coagulation system is activated and strengthened.  Mikkel-Ole has also demonstrated the treatment potential of MAP-1 in animal trials.  Furthermore, Mikkel-Ole Skjødt has developed a series of monoclonal antibodies that are being applied in research and diagnostics.   

Mikkel-Ole Skjødt is 39 years-old and a biochemistry graduate of the University of Copenhagen (2006). He obtained his PhD in 2010. 


Attached is a photo of Mikkel-Ole Skjødt


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