Leading expert in cardiac hormones and heart failure receives Rigshospitalet’s International KFJ Award

Prof. John C. Burnett Jr, cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA, has received Rigshospitalet’s International KFJ Award 2015. The award was partly in recognition of his impressive research, publication profile and work within treatment of heart failure and peptide hormones produced by the heart itself. The award was presented at Rigshospitalet and marks the beginning of a new cross-Atlantic cooperation in the field of heart disease, endocrinology, stem cell therapy and diagnostics.

This is the fifth year in a row that the KFJ Award has been presented to a high-profile cooperation partner, and according to Per Jørgensen, vice director at Rigshospitalet, this year’s award has been presented to a highly relevant research profile, and a leading expert within endocrinology and cardiology. 

"This is the beginning of a highly interesting and promising journey that will lead to closer cooperation and, hopefully, a number of interesting discoveries across the Atlantic and all the way to patient care and treatment. Prof. John C. Burnett Jr has a very impressive publication profile and is renowned for his research and ability to transform new knowledge into improved clinical practice. We're certain that this award will trigger close future cooperation between Rigshospitalet and Mayo Clinic to harvest new findings within treatment of heart failure,” said Per Jørgensen.

Professor John Burnett Jr is a professor at the Mayo Clinic in the US. His research has a clear focus on heart failure and its treatment. In particular, peptide hormones produced by the heart itself have been the main target of his work, which has paved the way for improved diagnostics as well as treatment of this serious condition. The research by Professor Burnett Jr has shown how a basic discovery can, within a relatively short time span, go all the way to patient care and clinical practice.

Professor John Burnett Jr was proposed for the KFJ award by professors Jens Peter Gøtze, Andreas Kjær, and Jens Kastrup, who are active researchers at Rigshospitalet working on cardiovascular endocrinology, molecular cardiac imaging, and cardiac stem cell therapy, respectively.

About Rigshospitalet’s International KFJ Award

Rigshospitalet’s International KFJ Award of DKK 1.5 million is awarded annually thanks to a donation from the Kirsten and Freddy Johansen Foundation. The DKK 1.5 million award includes DKK 1.25 million to be spent directly on research carried out at Rigshospitalet or in close collaboration with Rigshospitalet. The award is presented to an international high-ranking researcher. The researcher should have existing cooperation with one or more international research communities at the hospital, e.g. in the Rigshopitalet’s Centres of Global Excellence.

Prof. John C. Burnett Jr on receiving Rigshospitalet’s KFJ Award

Prof. Jens Peter Gøtze on the nomination of prof. John C. Burnett:

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