IdéRiget* wins major European award

​EIPA, the European Institute of Public Administration, has presented its European Public Sector Award to IdéRiget for its chemotherapy at home project​

IdéRiget’s chemotherapy at home project has attracted widespread attention from throughout Europe. In fact, to such a degree that EIPA has pointed to the project as one of this year’s very best under the overarching theme: ‘The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society’. The project on chemotherapy at home was part of IdéRiget in 2014, and subsequently it was also supported for further development by both Rigshospitalet and the Capital Region of Denmark. 

A 29-year-old nurse, Katrine Seier Fridthjof, has been at the spearhead of the project from the very start with three colleagues from, among other departments, the Department of Haematology. She is obviously extremely proud of the award:

“My immediate reaction was simply ‘Wow!’. It’s great that other countries have noticed us and that they have brought the project into focus, so that everyone can see that IdéRiget is a good investment for both the health service and patients,” said Katrine Seier Fridthjof.

The Danish project was selected from 266 projects submitted, and the award will be presented on 17 November at Maastricht City Hall by the Mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn, and the Director-General of EIPA, Prof. Dr. Marga Prohl.

The project will receive a great deal of attention in the wake of the EIPA award. And Katrine Seier Fridthjof considers this very important:

his will also put focus on the project so that more people in Denmark, healthcare personnel and patients, become aware of this solution and perhaps want to find out more about it. It’s also important to celebrate that we’ve also been noticed abroad, so that the project will continue to receive financial priority in the future,” said Ms Fridthjof.

Why do you think the project was selected?
“I think it’s because it’s so innovative. IdéRiget has done what I think many boards and management groups have been afraid of: It has invested and shown full confidence in its staff. Moreover, we’ve demonstrated really good results in a very short time, which anyone can relate to in one way or another. The results show that an offer of chemotherapy at home in Denmark is both good for the quality of life of the patient, for healthcare staff, and for healthcare finances,” said Ms. Fridthjof.

* IdéRiget is an innovation programme at Rigshospitalet for innovative employees who want to develop their ideas to help patients.

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