Elisabeth Reinhardt Mathiesen, MD, DMSc, is recipient of the Norbert Freinkel Award

She receives the award for her outstanding contributions to the understanding and treatment of diabetes and pregnancy​.​

The Norbert Freinkel Award is given in memory of Norbert Freinkel, a dedicated and insightful investigator and a gifted writer, to honor a researcher who has made outstanding contributions, including scientific publications and presentations, to the understanding and treatment of diabetes and pregnancy. Dr. Mathiesen delivered the Norbert Freinkel Award Lecture titled "Pregnancy outcome in women with diabetes – lessons learned from clinical research"  on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Currently P
rofessor of Endocrinology and Chief Physician managing pregnant women with diabetes at the Rigshospitalet University Hospital in Copenhagen, Dr. Mathiesen’s studies have contributed significantly to the field of diabetes in pregnancy. 

Over the last two decades Dr. Mathiesen’s research has focused on reducing the risk for complications in pregnant women with diabetes. Among her notable contributions to the field described in more than 200 publications, she has demonstrated that anti-hypertensive therapy in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes and microalbuminuria is safe and associated with improved outcomes. She also contributed to the understanding of severe hypoglycaemia, a clinical significant problem in diabetic pregnancy, and that insulin analogues are effective for glycemic control without increasing risk of hypoglycemia in pregnant women. Dr. Mathiesen is noted for the rare distinction of excellence in both individual patient care and clinical research.

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