Quality data from 28 highly specialised functions

Rigshospitalet is the first Danish hospital to publish its treatment results for a number of highly specialised functions.

Treatment results are published as quality data, enabling users and cooperation partners of the hospital to assess the results of the hospital’s treatment options on the basis of solid data. From May 2014, treatment results for a total of 28 highly specialised functions will be accessible for patients, relatives and other relevant parties.

The first quality data with results for 18 treatment areas were published in December 2013. By May 2014, quality data from an additional 10 treatment areas will be accessible on the hospital’s website. Data will be presented in an easily accessible manner. All data will be supplemented by a brief conclusion - currently only in Danish.


Publication and dissemination of quality data is a brand new initiative. Therefore, in connection with publication of the new data in May 2014, Rigshospitalet will ask patients, relatives and other relevant parties to answer the electronic questionnaire (assess Rigshospitalet’s quality data) on the website. The responses will help Rigshospitalet increase user-friendliness further when Rigshospitalet once again publishes new quality data at the end of the year.

National key figures

Patients, relatives and other relevant parties have access to other national key figures at the national level: www.sundhedskvalitet.dk informs about activity, length of admission, re-admission and re-operation for selected conditions and diseases. 

Information about waiting times and patient satisfaction can be found on www.venteinfo.dk.

Publication of Rigshospitalet’s quality data emphasises that the results of the treatment (the clinical quality) are what counts. See here (only available in Danish).

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