Professor in MS receives Rigshospitalet's International KFJ Award

​Professor Tomas Olsson from the Center for Molecular Medicine and Department of Neurology at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, has been awarded Rigshospitalet’s International KFJ Award 2012

For a number of years, Tomas Olsson has had close collaboration with the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Research Centre at Rigshospitalet and has been instrumental in the Centre being appointed as a Centre of Global Excellence - in Health. Tomas Olsson is one of the leading experts within neuroimmunology and neurogenetics.

“Naturally, I’m very grateful for this award. Such encouragement means a lot to me given the protracted and sometimes tedious nature of research work. It’s even more encouraging that this thanks to my long-term and rewarding collaboration with the Danish Multiple Sclerosis group at Rigshospitalet. Our collaboration has not only been rewarding at scientific level, but also at a personal level. We work very well together and have many interesting discussions. The lonely researcher, beavering away in some dusty study is a thing of the past. Today close collaboration is required in order to generate new discoveries, both regarding technology, material and exchange of new ideas in an international atmosphere,” said Tomas Olsson.

The award enables development of collaboration on new projects and mutual exchange of knowledge and study visits for younger researchers in the area. Among other things, Tomas Olsson and researchers at Rigshospitalet are working on establishing the causes of multiple sclerosis and the mechanisms behind the disease in order to better prevent the disease and treat it more effectively in the long term. 

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