The Service Centre

​The Service Centre is responsible for service and maintenance at Rigshospitalet. We sterilise medical equipment and prepare meals for patients, their relatives and the staff. We are responsible for cleaning and transportation of mail, staff and laboratory samples. 

The Service Centre includes the following functions:

  • ​​The Patient Hotel​
    A hotel facility for patients and their families. 

  • Cleaning
    We prevent the spread of infections with quality control on cleaning.

  • Transportation service
    Internal mail service, moving service, internal transportation for staff and patients, transportation service for laboratory samples, collection of garbage and laundry. 
  • Food and drink
    Preparation and distribution of meals for 1800 patients at Rigshospitalet and other hospitals in the region, and running the staff cafeteria and the hospital café.

  • Sterilization Center
    Sterilization of surgical instruments

  • Clinical supply and logistics
    We receive supplies and distribute them in the hospital

  • Patient and user service
    Patient and User Services has a wide range of tasks that help and support patients, relatives and staff in various ways. 

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