About the Department of Neurosurgery

​​​The Department of Neurosurgery is covering all aspects of brainsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery. We are the most highly specialised neurosurgical unit in Denmark.​​


The department treats patients with all kinds of neurosurgical diseases. We primarily receive patients from the 2,5 million inhabitants in eastern Denmark, but for some highly specialised neurosurgical services, we receive patients from all of Denmark.

Our approach

We aim to provide the best neurosurgical service possible, based on a scientific approach, as well as an understanding and respect for the needs of our patients and their relatives. 

We believe that networking is essential for providing the continuous development of our practice. For us networking covers many aspects ranging from networking with the other medical disciplines necessary for the treatment of the neurosurgical patients, but also networking with other departments nationally and internationally both in clinical and research settings.​​

The daily work of the department is undertaken in the following sections

  • Section 2092 Offices and research
  • Section 2093 Neurointensive care
  • Section 3090 Outpatient department
  • Section 3092 Neurosurgical ward, including semi-intensive care
  • Section 3094 Neurosurgical ward
  • Section 3042 Neurosurgical operating theatre
  • Building 93   Research laboratories
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