About the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry

The aim of t​he Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry is to collect data on all Danish residents diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and provide new knowledge about MS by research and information.​
The Danish MS Registry was established in 1956 and contains data on all Danes who have been diagnosed after 1921 and who were alive in 1948 or have been diagnosed and have been reported since. 

The MS Registry is run in collaboration between the research programme ‘Health and morbidity in Denmark’ at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and is affiliated with Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet. 

The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society is funding the operation of the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry.​

All cases in the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry were validated with the received reports from all neurological departments at Danish hospitals, from practicing neurological specialists and from the multiple sclerosis hospitals.The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry is annually linked with the Danish Civil Registration System (CPR), The Cause of Death Register and The National Patient Register.

In 2015 the Danish MS Treatment Register established a new database system, COMPOS®, which enables online notification on all patients with demyelinating diseases directly in the MS clinics.

Content of the r​egistry

The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry includes information about sex, date of birth, time of onset and diagnosis, the onset of symptoms, disease course, treatment, selected clinical variables and date of death.

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