Stenbæk Research Group

​The Stenbæk group look into subjective responses to psychedelic drugs and psychological mechanisms of change. ​

The Stenbæk group aims to characterize subjective responses to psychedelic drugs and psychological mechanisms of change, e.g., psychological flexibility and mindfulness. Set and setting are frequently used psychedelic terms and relate to the mindset of the participant or patient (“set”) and the environment (“setting”) in which the psychedelic experience takes place. We study the impact of set and setting, e.g., personality and music, and their interactions with drug effects on acute and persisting effects of psychedelics using psychological tests, interviews and rating scales. We also study underlying brain mechanisms using functional brain imaging and positron emission tomography in collaboration with other groups in the center.

In patients, we study clinical efficacy of psychedelic drugs and the role of set and setting, e.g., therapist behavior, the influence of music and specific exercises, for lasting clinical treatment effects. We develop new music programs and exercises that can be used during preparation and integration of acute drug effects and train clinicians and students in safe administration of psychedelic drugs.

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