​Department of Neuroanaesthesiology provides anaesthesia and surgical assistance as well as intensive care for patients undergoing surgery and treatments for neurological diseases.​​​​

Scope of Care

  • Anaesthesia and perioperative care for neurosurgical patients.
  • Intensive care for postoperative neurosurgical patients, all ages.
  • Recovery care for postop​erative neurosurgical patients, all ages.
  • Recovery care for MRI-anaesthesia patients.
  • Intensive care for neurosurgical patients.
  • Intensive care for patients with neurological disease and respiratory affection.


  • Implementation and development of PDM in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Specific support programmes for patients and groups of relatives in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Training programme for Junior Doctors in anaesthesiology.
  • Training programme for medical students.
  • Qualification development projects in all three departments.
  • VIPS in all three departments.

Identified High Risk Areas w​ith underlined clinical guidelines

Operating Theatre/ anaesthesia:​
  • Anaesthesia for patients with subarachnoidal haemorrhagia (aneurysm).
  • Anaesthesia for children suffering from posterior cerebral tumor.
Neurointensive Care Unit:​
  • Neurointensive treatment of patients suffering from subarachnoidal haemorrhagia.
  • Neurointensive treatment of the neurotraumatised patients.

List quality-improvement projects/initiatives

  • Optimising of children admissions in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Psychological environment: GRUS in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Implementation of surgical and anaesthesiological activities in the MR-scanner and in the operating theatre.
  • Implementation of booking procedures in the operating theatre and anaesthesiology.​

Niels Risør Hammer
Head of Department
E-mail: niels.risoer.hammer@regionh.dk

René Richard Andersen
Head nurse

​​Department of Neuroanaesthesiology
Section 6011
Inge Lehmanns Vej 6
2100 København Ø